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Early Morning Call Out

Killaloe Coast Guard were alerted by Valentcia Coast Guard that a person had entered the water at Ballina Quay. A boat crew and shore team assembled and as they prepared to launch were stood down as it was discovered that no one had entered the water. Killaloe Garda were also on scene and the Irish Coast Guard Rescue Helicopter at Shannon was on Standby.

31/07/2011 03:33
Weather Dry


Yacht Adrift at Killaloe

Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked to a report of a Sailing Cruiser adrift south of Killaloe Bridge. Killaloe Coast Guard who was preparing for an overnight training exercise from Foynes to Ballybunnion launched immediately the vessel was recovered and tied up a Ballina Moorings with no one on board.

The Crew then proceeded to Foynes by Road launched at Foynes Yacht Club and carried out training


Search on the River Shannon.

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked by Valentia MRSC when a fisherman reported a fishing boat a drift whit no one on board on the lower lake below Killaloe. The fisherman had observed a person on the same boat 1.5hrs before and as the keys life jacket etc were still on board, a major search of the area was conducted by the Killaloe Coast Guard Rib “DALTON”, Rescue 115 the Irish Coast Guard


Pollution Averted as Barge Sinks on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked by Valentia MRSC to a 60′ Barge that was sinking at its mooring on Lough Derg. The Killaloe Coast Guard Unit dispatched two vehicles with crew and salvage pumps by road and the rescue boat “DALTON” was sent to place anti-pollution booms to avoid pollution to Lough Derg.

After many hours it was obvious that even with four pumps and a slurry tank the barge had


How not to stay Cool.

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked to remove a fridge freezer from the moorings at Ballina. The fridge was being used as a boat. A concerned member of the public called Valentia Coast Guard MRSC. The fridge was removed from the area.

During the current hot spell the Killaloe Coast Guard Unit would ask you do not swim in areas where there is no lifeguard or not designated as a safe swimming


Object in the Water at O’Briens Bridge

Killaloe Coast Guard were tasked by Killaloe Garda to inspect an object floating just South of Parteen weir Co Clare. A dClass rescue rib was launched at Mountpilier with a crew of four while a walking team proceeded on foot on the western bank. The object was found to be a wheelie bin which could have been a hazard to navigation in the area. The bin was removed to Mountpilier.
01/2011 14:00 22/


Search on Frozen Lake near O’Briens Bridge

Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked by MRSC Valentia to a report from Killaloe Garda that someone may have fallen through the Ice at a Lake situated at the junction of the R466 and R463 near O,Briens Bridge in Co Clare.
Local Garda, Crews from Killaloe and Rescue Coast Guard helicopter carried out an extensive search of the area a deceased animal was observed in the center of the frozen lake. All


Two French Visitors in trouble on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard were tasked by Killaloe Garda who recieved a call from a local that a fishing boat was in difficulty and was blown on to the rocks at Tinnerana. The two French Visitors were in the water up to their waste  when Killaloe Coast Guard arrived on scene. The couple in their thirties were brought a shoer and transported back to their holiday home while the boat was towed back to


Cruiser gets into Difficulty on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked when A 24′ Cruiser which was launched at Ballina Slip and then lost power the Cruiser drifted a short distance when the experianced skipper dropped anchor and called for assistance as darkness had set in.

The Killaloe Coast Guard Unit towed the craft and its three passangers to safety at Ballina Slip.

19/10/2010 19:20

Conditions: Dark Overcast


Two Boaters Show their experiance on Lough Derg.

Killaloe Coast Guard was tasked by Killaloe Gardai and Valentia MRSC to a 31′ Cruiser that had lost propulsion when its drive gears failed. The two on board are experienced boaters and immediately dropped anchor and called for assistance while remaining calm and safe. Killaloe Coast Guard took the craft and its two passengers in tow to Kincora Harbour.

03/09/2010 18:02

Conditions: dry