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Aircraft Beacon Alert Near Bridgetown Co Clare

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked by Valentia Coast Guard Mission Control Sub Center to a report of an aircraft beacon between Bridgetown and east of O Brien’s Bridge. After an extensive search over a large area Killaloe Coast Guard Unit waited on more accurate information. AA search is still continuing in the Birdhill Area.

UPDATE: Killaloe Coast Guard Unit stood down for the night,


Killaloe Coast Guard Unit assist Doolin with ROV

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked to
assist Doolin Coast Guard in a search for two missing fishermen off the west coast
of Clare. A Crew specializing in the use of the units Underwater
Remotely Operated Vehicle. (ROV). This camera was purchased with money raised
by the Dalton Family after their son was drowned in a tragic accident
on Lough Derg in July of 2005. This equipment has been


Cruiser Hits Rocks Near Scarriff Bay.

Valentia Coast Guard Marine Rescue Sub Centre received a call from a member of the public that a 28ft Cruiser seemed to be in trouble in Scariff Bay Area. Initially there was limited information available except that cruiser appeared to be in trouble (Stuck on rocks) The vessel had been sighted by another vessel , with which Lough Derg Coast Guard Radio at Valentia  were in communication. 


Dinghy Sighted with No One on Board

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit Report by member of the public regarding an abandonded Dinghy..the Officer in Charge  received a phone call with report of an abandoned dinghy (suitable for one adult) in the Ballina Slipway area (full of water). Member of public was concerned. The OiC reported the incident to Valentia, After enquiries – the dinghy had in fact been sighted punctured on Friday 10/08/


Brian Boru Tri Challenge 2012

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit Whilst covering the Brian Boru Triathlon  came across a swimmer in difficulty. The swimmer was assisted by crew and taken to Two Mile Gate from where the First Aid team took over. The swimmer had traveled from Australia and was jet lagged so could not cope with the swim, but was found to be in stable condition.


05/08/2012 12:00noon

Weather conditions good


Body Recovered on Lough Derg

after a long and extensive search involving the Garda Water Unit, The RNLI, Killaloe Coast Guard Unit, Irish Coast Guard Helicopter from Shannon, Mountshannon Search & Rescue, Tipperary Civil Defence, Lough Derg Sub Agua and Limerick Sub Agua. A body was recovered from the scene of an overturned speed boat this evening by Killaloe Ballina Search & Recovery Divers. The remains were taken by


Portroe Dive Centre Event

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit attended an event at Portroe held by the Portroe Dive Centre.

A large crowd was in attendance. The Irish Coast Guard Helicopter from Shannon performed a fly over.

22/04/2012 10:00

Weather was goog


Killaloe Coast Guard Tasked to Assist

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was tasked to assist a 21′ power cruiser that was having engine trouble. The power boat had three persons on board and was in no immediate danger. While preparing to launch, Valentia Coast Guard Regional Control Center learned that the injured vessell was again underway. Killaloe Coast Guard was requested to standby until the craft had returned to safe harbour.



Engine Failure at Killaloe

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was called to assist a sports cruiser that had lost engine power South of Killaloe Bridge. The craft with its four occupants was towed to safety.
17/08/2011 18:22
Condition Good


Cruiser Lost Power on Lough Derg

Killaloe Coast Guard Unit was called to assist a large motor cruiser that had lost its gears just west of Scarriff Bay. Due to WSW winds another craft and a jetski stood by until the Killaloe Unit Rescue Boat “Dalton” arrived on scene. The Injuried Craft with one person on board was towed to safe Harbour near by.

12/08/2011 19:26