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June 5, 2013

Local food is the way to go!

by elaine

Local food is an essential element of any community’s independence, economic success and health of its members by having access to food at peak freshness. Health problems such as obesity, diabetes and cancer all have direct links to food quality.
It is my firm belief that small food producers who care about the food that they are growing, rearing or making are the businesses who can offer the best quality, nutritional and ultimately food value to their customers.
At Good & Green our business may be small, but the idea behind it, of supplying chemical free food from a number of growers and food producers has important effects. Our customers can access excellent quality food, whilst several small food industries are supported. In addition, our environmental impact aims to be positive, with minimum transporting of food, and produce grown with only organically approved methods.
Local food really is the way to go – look for it!

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