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Our youtube video – summer 2012

Thanks a million to Evan, our nephew, who is 14 years old and made the youtube video on the website this summer. Evan came to help us and to learn about growing and running a small farm over the summer holidays. He took photos and made up this video to show some of what we do. It is lovely to see what a great job he did on putting these images together into the presentation. Thanks Evan! I should have written this sooner – but during the summer my day is about 5 hours shorter than I need! It is only as autumn draws in that there are chances to give the website some attention.


Munsterweb website design

In all of our work over the past 2 years to get Good & Green running as a business, one of the most important developments for us outside of the garden itself has been the design, construction and layout of our website. As a marketing tool and means of bringing our smallholding to the public, our website has been invaluable.

We have had so many compliments on the site that I have to give a big mention to the man and the company behind it… William Llŷr Jones (Llŷr to those who can pronounce it, and William to those who have difficulty!) and his website design company – Munsterweb, who are based in Nenagh, Co Tipperary.

At a time (still ongoing) when my attention is largely concerned with the work of the smallholding, Llŷr singlehandedly came up with a format for a site for us that would reflect our business and our style and we all think he did a fantastic job. He also added a bit of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) magic to ensure we can be found in the search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. The result has been a very healthy flow of web traffic – in fact, our website has replaced most of our traditional forms of advertising which has helped keep our marketing costs down.

We are delighted with the layout, the artwork, the links and the use of our photos to show off our work. It has been the single best business tool we have had for potential customers, regular customers, and is great PR when applying for grants, bank loans etc. etc.

I must also add that he has had great patience with me in training a commited technophobe to blog and he set the site up to be very user friendly… that was important for me, with a fear of the technology! So to have ongoing professional backup to keep the site running and update photos is very comforting.


Link: Munsterweb Web Design & SEO Nenagh

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